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Griffith Dog Bite Lawyer

Griffith, Indiana – Lawyer Office – Dog Bite Lawyer – Vicious Animal Attack

Dog Bite Laws in the Town of Griffith, Indiana

Angry DogGriffith Municipal Code § 10-91 provides that dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals must be appropriately leashed and restrained at all times.  They are not allowed to roam about the community, and if they are not appropriately restrained, police and animal control may impound the animal.  Griffith Municipal Code §10-111 also states that if a dog or cat has bitten a person, the owner of the animal must prove that the animal is up to date on its vaccinations, and if appropriate the animal may be quarantined in the owner’s home for a ten-day period.  If the animal does not have the required vaccinations, the owner must pay to have the animal housed in an appropriate kennel or veterinary hospital for observation during the ten-day period.  Section 10-120 of the Griffith Municipal Code also requires the animal warden and/or police to create an incident report each time the animal bites a person or another animal so that a record of each incident is publicly available and on file.  Any violation of the Griffith Animal Codes is punishable by various monetary fines and/or potential seizure of the animal after the opportunity for a public hearing.

How a Griffith Dog Bite Attorney Can Help with Your Dog Bite Injury Claim

The Gladish Law Group is well versed at pursuing your animal bite case to recover the most for you.  We value our clients’ cases and ensure that the client receives the maximum value for the injury sustained.  We also help you recover for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering arising from the animal attack.  We have handled thousands of personal injury cases, including hundreds of animal attack cases since 2006.  Trust our firm of experienced attorneys and paralegals to help guide you and recover on your behalf.  Get Gladish.

About Griffith, Indiana

Downtown Griffith, Indiana
Griffith Historical Park in Downtown Griffith, Indiana

Town of Griffith is a Northwest Indiana Community and home of the Panthers.  Founded in 1904, the Town of Griffith is home to over 16,331 residents.  With an area of almost eight square miles, the Town of Griffith has a small-town feel with many amenities.  In the summertime, the Town of Griffith holds various festivals and events at Central Park on Broad Street, including the Friday Night Markets, Blues & Barbecue Festival and the Rock N’ Rail Festival.  The Griffith Blues and Barbecue Fest attracts Blues Musicians from all over the United States to perform live in front of a live audience.  Each Labor Day Weekend, Griffith hosts the Rock N’ Rail Festival, a 5-day event with live music and food trucks and attracts thousands of people annually.

The Griffith Town Council is a five-member body that is led by the Town Council President.  You can drop into the Griffith Town Hall, located at 111 N. Broad Street to see a council meeting or pay your utility bill.  It’s a classic small hometown where people come to live in a nice community and raise their children.

Griffith’s Central Park is host to many town events, a Veteran’s memorial that includes a World War II tank and several playgrounds for children.  Additionally, there are several baseball fields for the Griffith Little League to conduct their games.  On the South side of town, the Griffith Barnstormers have a private members-only RC Plane flying field that permits hobbyists to fly their radio-controlled planes in a confined outdoor area.  You can also visit the iconic G&G Hobby Shop which has been a business in the town for over 50 years.  Finally, the Town of Griffith is well known for its microbreweries, including New Oberfalls and Wildrose, where craft beer is brewed on-site and sold in tasting rooms.