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Gary Dog Bite Lawyer

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Dog Bite Laws in the City of Gary, Indiana

Aggressive,DogAn unprovoked bite by a dog or cat does not necessarily mean that the dog or cat is dangerous or vicious. In the United States, all dogs and house cats, regardless of breed or size, are presumed to be harmless domestic animals. This presumption can be overcome with proof of a dangerous propensity as demonstrated by specific conduct of that particular animal.  A dangerous propensity is the tendency of an animal to act to endanger the safety of people or other animals. Depending on the facts of a dog or cat bite case, that dog’s or cat’s biting of a person can be used as evidence of that animal’s viciousness.

The City of Gary requires all dogs within their community must have a dog license. These dog licenses are good for one year starting on January 1 through December 31 of each year.  Dog owners must get a new license for each dog they own every year.

The City of Gary defines an owner of a dog as any person, partnership, or corporation owning, keeping, or harboring one or more animals. An animal shall be deemed to be harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three consecutive days or more.

The City of Gary defines a dog as a nuisance when it does any of the following: (1) Molests passersby or passing vehicles; (2) Attacks other animals; (3) Trespasses on school grounds; (4) Is repeatedly at large; (5) Damages public or private property; (6) Barks, whines, or howls in an excessive, continuous, or untimely fashion; and/or (7) Bites human beings or animals.

The City of Gary defines a restraint as means by which any animal securely fenced in or in a building on the property of the owner or an animal secured by leash when off owner’s property.

The City of Gary defines tethering as means by which a device attached to an animal’s collar or harness that swivels on an anchor and collar that prevents the tangling of the animal.

Under section 8-2, the City of Gary requires the restraint of animals as follows:

(a) All animals shall be kept under restraint at all times. An owner shall exercise proper care and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance. Every female animal in heat shall be confined in a building or secure enclosure in such a manner that the female animal cannot come into contact with another animal, except through planned breeding. Every vicious animal, as determined by the animal control center, shall be confined by the owner within a building or secure enclosure and shall be securely muzzled or caged whenever off the premises of its owner.

(b) Tethering of Animals. Animals restrained by tethering must wear a properly fitted leather on nylon collar or harness which does not employ a choker mechanism; however, the proper use of choker collars in the training of animals is permitted. The tethering device shall be attached to the animal’s collar or harness, shall be at least 10 feet in length and shall have a swivel device on the anchor and collar end to prevent tangling of the animal

(c) An animal that is tethered must have unrestricted access to adequate shelter and fresh, potable and unfrozen water at all times.

(d) Prohibited tethering. No person shall:

(1) Tether an animal by a rope, chain, cord or other tying device directly attached to the animal’s neck;

(2) Tether an animal between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.;

(3) Tether an animal in or about an abandoned or otherwise unoccupied structure or property for any purpose;

(4) Tether an animal under six (6) months of age;

(5) Tether an animal without a collar appropriate for the animal’s size and weight;

(6) Tether more than three (3) animals simultaneously;

(7) Tether more than one (1) animal in a manner that permits physical contact between the tethered animals;

(8) Tether an animal when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, except the dog may be tethered if his dog shelter is heated OR there is sufficient hay and insulation to keep the dog warm in the dog house, and then only for a reasonably short period of time;

(9) Tether an animal with a chain or any other tying device that is not appropriate for its size and weight; or

(10) Tether an animal in manner in which the animal can reach a public sidewalk or impede entrance to a residence or business.

(e) The animal control officer or other law enforcement officer shall have the power to seize or destroy animals he reasonably believes to be vicious and running at large; however, any destruction of an animal shall be done in a reasonable manner taking into

account the location and the harm or damage to personal or real property, or to the public at large.

How a Gary Dog Bite Attorney Can Help with Your Dog Bite Injury Claim

If you, or a loved one, has suffered a dog or cat bite injury due to the negligence of dog or cat owner/keeper, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who understands the law and possesses the skill to ensure that you get justice you deserve for your loss. Do not waste your one and only opportunity to receive just compensation for your injury case by hiring the wrong lawyer. Get a lawyer that is experienced, highly rated and certified to represent you and/or your family. Get Gladish.

About Gary, Indiana

Downtown Gary IndianaThe City of Gary is located in Northwest Indiana and was incorporated in 1906 as a city.  The name for the City of Gary is directly related to US Steel Corporation, since it established its home for a new plant known as the “Gary Works”. Thereafter, the City of Gary was named after Elbert Gary, who was the founding chairman of the US Steel.  The City of Gary has a population of over 80,000 with a balanced mixture of heavy industrial, commercial and residential properties.  The City of Gary has a long history of both industrial production as well as political and labor turmoil.  The City of Gary was the first major city in the United States to elect a black mayor which happened in 1968.

The City of Gary is run by a mayor as well as a 9-member city council with Gary’s City Hall being located at 401 Broadway, Gary, Indiana. The City of Gary still has its own court known as the Gary City Court which is located in at 555 Polk Street, Gary, Indiana.  The Gary City Court hears a limited number of cases that included: certain misdemeanors, tickets/infractions and ordinance violations.