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Crown Point Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Crown Point Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If a driver hit you while riding a bike in Crown Point, let an attorney fight for a fair settlement or verdict. You deserve to focus on recovery, and hiring a Crown Point bicycle accident lawyer from Gladish Law Group will allow you to do so.

Crown Point bicycle accident lawyerWe were named among the Best Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report. We have an unparalleled commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and financial recovery. Cover Gladish Law Group today for your free consultation.

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Why Choose Gladish Law Group for Your Bicycle Accident Case in Crown Point?

Logo for Law Office of David Gladish, P.C.Our firm believes that attorneys should focus on specific areas of law. Our lawyers narrow their focus to ensure a deep, experience-based understanding. Your bicycle accident lawyer from Gladish Law Group will be highly qualified to lead your case.

Choose our firm over others serving Crown Point because:

  • Our results speak for themselves: Law firms are ultimately judged by their results. Gladish Law Group has earned many substantial recoveries for clients, including seven-figure settlements and verdicts.
  • We have the resources your case requires: Our bicycle accident attorneys invest their time and energy in our bicycle accident cases, but our resources go beyond time and effort. We have a mock courtroom, are willing to hire experts, and take all other measures necessary to strengthen cases like yours.
  • We have handled many cases in Crown Point: Though we handle cases throughout Indiana, Crown Point has always been an important location for us. We have helped many clients navigate insurance claims and Crown Point’s civil justice system. Our familiarity with the city and its courts may directly apply to your case.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority: We don’t take clients’ trust in us lightly. We know you have the choice of law firms, and we honor you with excellent client service. Expect to hear often from your lawyer as they fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • Our award-winning lawyers always aim to win: Our attorneys are part of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and other prestigious groups reserved for highly accomplished lawyers. These awards indicate how hard we work on our clients’ behalf.

The Gladish Law Group will treat you right and prioritize your case. Call us today for a free consultation about hiring a Crown Point bicycle accident lawyer.

No Damage Is Too Minor for Our Lawyers to Demand Compensation

No Damage Is Too Minor for Our Lawyers to Demand CompensationOur job is to obtain compensation for every damage resulting from your bike accident in Crown Point—and we mean every damage. Based on our experience handling bicycle accident cases, we know your damages may include:

Medical Costs

We encourage bicycle accident victims to get extensive medical treatment after their collisions.

Our firm will be responsible for securing coverage of all your accident-related medical care, which may include:

  • Emergency transport
  • Emergency medical services
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Hospital services
  • Surgeries
  • Specialist appointments
  • Rehabilitation services

The cost of a traffic accident victim’s damages directly relates to the severity of their injuries. Our team will document your medical treatment and include all healthcare costs in our settlement demands.

Pain and Suffering

Being hit by a motor vehicle is often a traumatic experience.

The accident and related injuries may cause several types of pain and suffering, including:

  • Immediate pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety (including fear of riding a bicycle)
  • Lost quality of life
  • Sleep-related problems
  • Changes in mood and personality
  • Scarring and disfigurement

We will consult qualified mental health professionals to diagnose your pain and suffering.

Professional Harm

When you get hit by a car, there is a good chance you’ll miss work for some time. You may even suffer disabling injuries that prevent you from working for the long term.

Professional damages among bicycle accident victims can include:

  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power
  • Lost opportunities for performance bonuses, promotions, and overtime pay
  • Lost benefits

You may also experience pain and suffering as a direct result of your inability to work. The Gladish Law Group team will evaluate all your professional damages and seek fair compensation.

Mental Health Treatment Costs

If you seek treatment for the symptoms of your mental pain and suffering, we will include your treatment costs in our settlement demands.

Disability-Related Harm

Bicyclists have little to no protection from oncoming vehicles. For this reason, there is a higher-than-average likelihood that bike accident victims will become disabled. If you have one or more disabling injuries, you may need long-term medical care, caregiver services, and other costly items and services.

Careful drivers would improve bicycle safety. Your Crown Point bicycle accident lawyer will work to prove the full extent of your damages and secure all the compensation you deserve.

Let Us Lead Your Case in Crown Point from Start to Finish

Million Dollar Advocates iconYou should not have any concerns other than your recovery and personal obligations. A Crown Point bicycle accident attorney from our team will ensure you don’t have to worry about your insurance claim or lawsuit.

As you focus on your health, our team will:

  • Seek any evidence that proves the liable parties’ negligence, including video footage, a police report, and witness accounts
  • Hire any experts who can improve your case, including crash experts, doctors, and mental health professionals
  • Document your damages using medical records, invoices related to your property damages, and employment records
  • Calculate a specific case value, which will determine how much compensation we seek from liable parties
  • Negotiate a settlement with insurers and any other liable parties
  • Complete a trial, if necessary

We will work tirelessly to secure a fair settlement, as this is the quickest way to secure compensation for bicycle accident victims. If we need to pursue a lawsuit or go to trial in Crown Point, we won’t hesitate to do so.

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David Gladish, Bicycle Accident Attorney
David Gladish, Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Crown Point

There may be a deadline for filing your bicycle accident case in Crown Point, and the deadline may be fast approaching. Don’t wait to speak with our team about hiring a Crown Point personal injury attorney.

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