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Cedar Lake Dog Bite Lawyer

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Dog Bite Laws in the Town of Cedar Lake, Indiana

Two Dogs FightingAn unprovoked bite by a dog or cat does not necessarily mean that the dog or cat is dangerous or vicious. In the United States, all dogs and house cats, regardless of breed or size, are presumed to be harmless domestic animals. This presumption can be overcome with proof of a dangerous propensity as demonstrated by specific conduct of that particular animal.  A dangerous propensity is the tendency of an animal to act to endanger the safety of people or other animals. Depending on the facts of a dog or cat bite case, that dog’s or cat’s biting of a person can be used as evidence of that animal’s viciousness.

Cedar Lake defines an “ANIMAL” as any and all types of animals both domesticated and wild, male and female, singular and plural.

Cedar Lake defines “AT LARGE” as the animal being off the premises of the owner, and not under the control of the owner or a member of his immediate family either by leash, cord, chain, or otherwise.

Cedar Lake defines an “OWNER” as any person, firm, association, or corporation owning, keeping, or harboring a dog.

Cedar Lake ordinance §90.02 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS states:

(A) A person is guilty of cruelty to animals when except as authorized by law he is intentionally or wantonly: (1)   Subjects any animal to or causes cruel or injurious mistreatment through abandonment, causing it to fight for pleasure or profit, mutilation, beating, torturing, tormenting, failing to provide adequate food, drink, space, or health care, or by any other means; or (2)   Subjects any animal in his custody to cruel neglect; or (3)   Kills any animal.

(B) Nothing in this section shall apply to the killing of animals: (1) Pursuant to a license to hunt, fish, or trap; (2) Incident to the processing as food or for other commercial purposes; (3) For humane purposes; (4) For any other purpose authorized by law.

Cedar Lake ordinance §90.03 ABANDONING DOMESTIC ANIMALS PROHIBITED states: No owner of a domestic animal shall abandon the animal.

Cedar Lake Ordinance §90.05 RUNNING AT LARGE states:

No person owning or having in his or her custody animals or fowl, shall permit same to go at large to the injury or annoyance of others, nor shall such animals or fowl be permitted at large upon the streets or other public ways of the town. Such action is declared to be a nuisance and dangerous to the public health and safety. A violation of this section shall constitute a Class C infraction.

Cedar Lake Ordinance §90.13 RESTRICTION ON NUMBER OF ANIMALS OR FOWL states:

(A) No more than three dogs or three cats (except in the case of littermates less than six months of age) shall be kept, harbored, raised, or possessed at any single residence, location, or premises within the town, except where such keeping, harboring, raising, or possessing is incidental to the operation of an animal hospital, kennel, or agricultural pursuit located in an appropriate zone within the town. The keeping, harboring, raising, or possessing of more than three dogs or three cats except where same is incidental to the animal hospital, kennel, or agricultural pursuit is declared a nuisance and dangerous to the public health, safety, and welfare. A violation of this section shall constitute a Class C infraction. In addition, to the penalties for this section, any person violating this section may be ordered to abate the nuisance.

(B) It shall be the duty of every police officer, or other person designated by the town for such purpose to apprehend and dispose of all dogs or cats in excess of three where such are found to be kept, harbored, raised, or possessed contrary to division (A) in accordance with the procedures set forth in §§ 90.07 through 90.12 of this chapter.

Cedar Lake Ordinance §90.17 RUNNING AT LARGE states:

No owner or keeper of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large or stray beyond his premises, unless under the reasonable control of some person or when engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by its owner or keeper. A violation of this section shall constitute a Class C infraction.

Cedar Lake Ordinance §90.23 CONFINEMENT OF CERTAIN DOGS states:

No dog of fierce, dangerous, or vicious propensities and no female dog in heat, whether licensed or not, shall be allowed to run at large or upon the premises of one other than the owner. If any such dog is found running at large in violation of this provision, it shall be taken up and impounded and shall not be released except upon approval of the Chief of Police after payment of the fees provided in § 90.21. However, if any dangerous, fierce, or vicious dog so found at large cannot be safely taken up and impounded, such dog may be slain by any policemen.

Cedar Lake Ordinance §90.24 MUZZLING states:

(A) Whenever it becomes necessary to safeguard the public from the dangers of hydrophobia, the President of the Town Board, if he deems it necessary, shall issue a proclamation ordering every person owning or keeping a dog to confine it securely on his premises unless such dog shall have a muzzle of sufficient strength to prevent its biting any person.

(B) Any unmuzzled dog running at large during the time of the proclamation shall be seized and impounded, unless noticeably infected with rabies. All dogs so noticeably infected with rabies and displaying vicious propensities shall be killed by the police without notice to the owner. Dogs impounded during the first two days of such proclamation shall, if claimed within three days, be released to the owner, unless infected with rabies, upon payment of the impounding charges provided for in § 90.21. If unclaimed after that period, such dog may be summarily destroyed. Any person who knowingly or intentionally violates such a proclamation shall be guilty of a Class B infraction.

How a Cedar Lake Dog Bite Attorney Can Help with Your Dog Bite Injury Claim

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About Cedar Lake, Indiana

Cedar Lake, Indiana
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The Town of Cedar Lake is located in the center part of Lake County, Indiana with Cedar Lake which is 794-acre lake acting as the focus for the town.  The Town of Cedar Lake still is a lake town with a more laid-back atmosphere.  The Town of Cedar Lake was founded in 1899 and has a current population of over 12,000 residents.

The Town of Cedar Lake has a town council that is comprised of 7 members, each elected to 4-year terms.  The Town of Cedar Lake also has a town manager that helps to make sure that the town runs smoothly.  Cedar Lake’s Town Hall is located at 7408 Constitution Avenue, Cedar Lake, Indiana.

The Town of Cedar Lake contains 18 acres of parks and open space, including over 6,000 feet of lakeshore with picnic tables to allow both visitors and residents to enjoy the lake.  Cedar Lake also has the Lake of the Red Cedars Museum which is a restored resort hotel with a rich history.